The Power of Helping Others

If I were to ask you, “How do you get rich?” I am willing to bet, you’re answer would not be “Easy. Help everyone around you to the best of your ability every day!” If it were, though, you’d be absolutely right. Some of the richest, most powerful, people in the world got that way because they figured out how to help as many people as they could, every day.


Think about all of the products and services that you use every day. Most of these did not exist in the not too distant past. All of these things were inventions, designed to help you live an easier life. To have a tool that helped you complete a task in less time. A service that saves you time in your day. What do all of those have in common? A few things. First, they are all things that someone had to think about. All of those products and services were designed to solve a problem of some kind. All of them are the inventions of people who were thinking about ways to help people. Sure, these folks will make money if they are successful, but for most of the people who come up with the most revolutionary ideas, the money is secondary. They started their journey to invention, as a way to solve a problem, not only for themselves but all of the people around them. They wanted to help people.

Not everyone can immediately create the “killer app” that helps millions of people at one time, on their first shot. I certainly do not suggest that you try, either. Instead,  think smaller. Help those around you on a daily basis. Even if it is something as small as helping someone carry groceries. Maybe help someone with their homework. Help mentor a newer team member at your office while they work to figure out their new career. Help your boss or the ownership of your company be successful. Do your very best work. Give 110% to everything, with the intent on helping others succeed. The key is to never ever, want something in return for the help that you have given them. If you expect them to return your help, you’ve done it for the wrong reason. Why? Simple.

Making that change in the way you live your daily life, can help create a thought process. A mindset that puts you in a mode that you’re thinking about how to help those around you. The longer you stay in that mindset, the better chance you have of finding a way to put your skills to work to solve a large-scale problem. Along with that, you will be building relationships that will earn you enormous respect. People will remember how much your efforts have helped them succeed. When you have that eureka moment, you will be in a place where people will be lining up, to help you achieve your goals. Think about all of those people around you that you have gone out of your way to help while building your mindset. These people are now your allies. Many of them will remember how helpful you have been, and when you need it, will return that favor in kind. If help isn’t volunteered, you are in a stronger position to ask. You should never need to, and for that matter, you never should, remind people of the help you have passed on to them. They will remember and sign up willingly if it is possible for them, to help.

Make it happen.

Build a routine for yourself. For me, I spend about 10-20 minutes every night before bed, reflecting on my day. Did I help everyone as well as I could? Did I mistreat anyone along the way? Who do I need to connect to, tomorrow, to ensure that I protect the relationships that I will need as my next day progresses? I write down the answers to all of these questions. Then I take a look at the priorities of the following day. Which of these are the most important? Which will provide the most help? I number them accordingly.

The next morning, I go to the gym, and while I am going through the tedium of my routine, I think about the fact that I am ensuring that I am healthy in order to help my family. I can’t help them flourish if I am not around. I can’t teach my kids. I can’t encourage my wife. I can’t help them build their futures and give them the lives they deserve. After my workout, I reflect on the activities that I will need to engage in today. I look, again, at the notes from the night before. Do I still believe that this is the appropriate path? If so, run with it! If not, I ask myself how can I help in these matters better?

The power is in the goodwill generated by your actions. The power is in the feeling of accomplishment that you receive, every time you help another person. The power is in the respect that you earn by being the helpful person that you know you can be. The power? Perception.

When you are perceived as the most helpful person in the room, everyone else wants to help you.

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