What Is the Human Point of View?

The Human Point of View is a methodology designed to help people make decisions in a way that is mutually beneficial for all involved. The idea is based on an introspective approach to decision-making which allows us to take a multi-perspective picture of the consequences and rewards of our actions.


Why should I care?

Taking a moment to understand the perspectives of others and how your decisions affect them, can allow us as managers, friends, family members and people, ensure that we are making positive choices.

Every time we make a choice, no matter how small, we affect those around us. Likewise, when those around us make decisions, they have an effect on us. The Human Point of View teaches us how to take this reality into consideration every time we make a choice. By making the right choice, it is possible for us to affect a positive change in the people around us. Likewise, making poor choices can negatively affect all involved.

If we can take away our core selfishness and truly focus on improving, whatever the situation is, in a positive way for all involved, we can affect a reading-2-1432698positive change in others. These changes, when we compound them over time, will affect behaviors and start to build a response which, if we are doing it right, can affect positive change in our lives.

Every interaction, every choice we make, is an opportunity to do good for those around you. Think carefully about the decisions you make. It is very easy to do what feels right for you or gives you the quick reward, but what is easy, is often not right. Doing the right thing is hard. Making the right choices is hard. Ensuring that your choices affect those around you positively is even harder. But the reward, while not immediate, is palpable.


When you affect people positively, you paint yourself in a better light to those around you. You build a brand of a better, and more helpful you. This has a cascading effect on your life and cabelle-1436437reer. This is not to say that you should, at all times, decide that you should put yourself second. Being true to yourself and ensure that you are unharmed in the process is every bit as important as helping others. Be fair, honest and willing to choose to say “no” if it is the right thing to do for all involved. Don’t be afraid to explain your reasoning and how you came to the choice that you made. This will develop trust. If you are trusted, more people will come to you. When your choices affect others positively, they will react with gratitude. And that gratitude is contagious.

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