We’re Different Because We Get It.

At POV Holdings, we understand that many companies struggle with their newer managers and supervisors. This area sees a lot of turnover and missed opportunities. These missed opportunities usually stem from a new manager’s lack of leadership development. This leads to frustration on the company’s part, as well as the new manager. Many companies, citing the rapid turnover of these resources, choose not to invest in leadership training for this demographic. We get it. We understand the frustration of spending good money keep your company’s base running, just to have the new manager leave, or worse, alienate their teams.

Because we get it. We choose to be different.

POV’s focus, is on giving your new managers the tools to be more successful from the very beginning. 
  • We offer a comprehensive package to change your managers’ Point of View.
    • We give them the ability to step out of the battle, to survey the battlefield.
    • We give them real world, big picture scenarios to ensure success.
    • We give them the ability to work smarter and not harder.
    • We help them prioritize.
    • We cultivate a critical mind.
    • We give them the tools to communicate clearly and openly with their teams and leadership.
    • We give them the ability to inspire their teams and instill accountability. 
    • We give them the confidence to build upon the strengths of their teams and manage the gaps.
    • We give them the vision to increase productivity in their teams.

Having a manager, who knows how to lead, dramatically reduces turnover. 

As you know, hiring and training are very expensive propositions. When you reduce your turnover, you can see immediate gains to your bottom line. We’re here to help you make that happen.
This can manifest in on-site training, off-site seminars, “train the trainer” sessions and materials to allow your trainers to use our program, embedded resources, and more. 
We have a solid program that has been proven, but can customize this program to meet your specific needs.

About the Founder

Jim Kummerow

Jim Kummerow is an accomplished manager, and culture improvement specialist. His focus is on developing and training new managers, or new professionals, in the office environment. Jim has worked for Motorola, Follett Higher Education Group, Veolia Transportation On Demand, Answer Consulting and Computer Services, Western Paper Distributors, Office Automation Consulting Group and has recently founded POV Holdings, llc. He is also a past president of the Quality Community Foundation in Commerce City, Colorado; a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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