Helping You and Your Business Succeed

POV Holdings was created out of a pure desire to help people, companies, and managers meet their potential. We work either with individuals or companies to advance the skills and mindset needed for success. We have a unique approach to coaching, training, and mentoring, that can bring lasting results.

POV’s focus, is on giving our clients the tools to be more successful from the very beginning. We help you overcome hurdles in your career, business, personal life, or relationships. We have a solid program that has been proven but can customize this program to meet your specific needs.

Jim Kummerow is an accomplished manager, and culture improvement specialist. His focus is on developing and training new managers, or new professionals, in the office environment. Jim has worked for Motorola, Follett Higher Education Group, Veolia Transportation On Demand, Answer Consulting and Computer Services, Western Paper Distributors, Office Automation Consulting Group and has recently founded the Waltz Management Consulting Group. He is also a past president of the Quality Community Foundation in Commerce City, Colorado; a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.